Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen – Forbidden Fruit – Indica – 2g



TreHouse's Forbidden Fruit Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds

Key Features:

  • Potent Blend: Dive into a remarkable 2000mg blend of THC-P, Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 for an unparalleled high.
  • Forbidden Fruit Flavor: Savor the unique, tropical flavors of the Forbidden Fruit hybrid strain.
  • Rechargeable & Discreet Design: Designed for sustained enjoyment and discreet use.
  • Psychotropic Effect Warning: Prepared for significant psychotropic effects.
  • Lab Test Results

Experience the Liquid Diamonds Difference:

Our Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen revolutionizes the vaping experience. More than just a vape, it's a multi-sensory experience. Each inhale is enhanced with Liquid Diamonds technology, intensifying the terpene profile for a rich, authentic flavor that takes your vaping to new heights.

Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vape by Trehouse:

Crafted for vaping enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs, our Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Disposable Pen is an engineering marvel. It boasts a unique blend of D8, D9, D10, HHC, and THCP, delivering a potent, custom-tailored high suitable for any time of the day.

Defining Ingredients of TreHouse Experience:

  • Delta 8 (D8): Offers a balanced and unique high.
  • Delta 9 (D9): Provides classic cannabis relaxation.
  • Delta 10 (D10): Delivers a dynamic, cutting-edge high.
  • HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol): Adds an extra layer of euphoria.
  • THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol): Renowned for its potent effects.

Benefits of Liquid Diamonds Vape:

Our Trehouse vape range is ideal for those seeking a potent combination of psychotropic cannabinoids in a seamless, discreet format. Enjoy the perfect sativa-indica mix of the iconic Forbidden Fruit strain, now infused with live rosin liquid diamonds.

Liquid Diamonds Vape Instructions:

Using the Trehouse THCP vape pens is incredibly simple:

  1. Unbox the pen.
  2. Place at your lips.
  3. Relish the intense flavors. Recharge as necessary for more vapor.

Safety Precautions:

TreHouse products are designed for adults aged 21 and over. Use responsibly and avoid operating heavy machinery. Please consult your doctor before use to understand its impact.

TreHouse Supplemental Facts:

  • Serving Size: 1 Puff
  • Servings Per Disposable Cart: Approximately 800
  • Calories, Sugar, Total Fat: 0 each
  • Ingredients: 500mg HHC, 5mg Delta 9 THC, 1200mg Delta 8 THC, 50mg Delta 10 THC, 50mg THC-P.

Discover the Exhilarating TreHouse Experience:

Enjoy the luscious tropical flavors and potent highs with TreHouse's Forbidden Fruit Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds - your perfect choice for an extraordinary vaping experience.