Live Rosin HHC Vape Pen –  Blue Milk



Key Features of TreHouse's HHC Vape:

  • Product Name: TreHouse 2g HHC Vape with Blue Milk terpenes. 
  • High Potency: Immerse a robust vaping experience with our 2g highly potent live rosin blend.
  • Lime Sorbet Flavor: Indulge in the zesty taste of Blue Milk terpenes, crafted for true flavor enthusiasts.
  • Rechargeable & Long-lasting: Designed for about 800 puffs, offering both convenience and longevity.
  • Pure Vaping Pleasure: Experience pure enjoyment with no additives, only natural flavors.
  • Psychotropic Effects: Be ready for significant psychotropic effects for a profound experience.
  • Lab Test Results

Advantages of Trehouse HHC Disposable:

  • Full Spectrum Entourage Effect: Enjoy the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Smooth Vaporization: Gentle on your throat and lungs, offering a seamless vapor experience.
  • Solvent-Free Purity: Benefit from a clean and pure extraction process.
  • Uplifting Effects: Ideal for boosting mood and enhancing creativity and focus.

How to Use:

Select your favorite Trehouse HHC Vape Pen. Extract the pre-loaded vape, enjoy a hit, recharge as necessary, and dispose of it when finished—a user-friendly, discreet, and euphoric experience.

Safety Precautions:

TreHouse products, including our disposable live rosin HHC vape pens, are designed for adults 21 and over. Use responsibly and consult with your doctor, particularly if you're exploring new cannabinoid products.

Supplemental Facts:

  • Serving Size: 1 Puff
  • Servings Per Disposable Cart: Approximately 800
  • Calories, Sugar, Total Fat: 0
  • Ingredients: HHC Extract and Blue Milk terpenes.