Tre House Magic Mushrooms Gummies - Watermelon Wonder


Watermelon Wonder Magic Mushroom Gummies: Elevate Your Cosmic Journey

Product Highlights:

  • Contents: 15 soft, tantalizing gummies per package.
  • Unique Formula: An exclusive mix of mushrooms, utilizing pure and natural elements for a distinct experience.
  • Dosage Spectrum:
    • 1 Gummy: Touch the stars.
    • 4 Gummies: Dance among galaxies.
    • 7+ Gummies: Embrace Martian landscapes.

Experience the Burst of Natural Watermelon Flavor

Unlock the juicy watermelon taste with these vegan-friendly chews crafted from a select blend of mushroom extracts to enhance your sensory and mental journey. Immerse yourself in the distinctive realm of Watermelon Wonder Magic Mushroom Gummies.

The Uniqueness of Watermelon Wonder Gummies

Prepare for an exhilarating, cosmic euphoria, dreamlike relaxation, and a delightfully distorted perception. Our unique concoction of nootropics, adaptogens, and tryptamines guarantees an unmatched experience.

Magic Mushroom Gummies vs. Cannabis: A Different Voyage

Experience a grounding, body-heavy sensation that's akin to a magic carpet adventure, distinct from the creative and relaxing vibes of THC variants like Delta 8, 9, 10, CBD, and THC-P. Taking a hiatus from THC products might renew your appreciation for them.

Journey Preparation: Tips for a Trippy Adventure

Embark with a watermelon burst and allow 30 minutes to two hours for full effects. Find a cozy spot, be patient, and avoid the temptation to overindulge.

For the Adventurous Spirits

Ideal for anyone looking to spice up their routine with a fruity, fresh twist and the enchantment of mushroom magic. These vegan gummies offer a novel perspective on the cannabis experience.

Safety Guidelines for Watermelon Wonder Gummies

  • Age Limit: Strictly for individuals 21 and over.
  • Caution: Refrain from driving or handling heavy machinery.
  • Health Advisory: Always consult with a physician before trying new products.

FAQ: Trehouse Magic Mushroom Gummies

  • Effects Timeline: Expect onset within 30 minutes to two hours.
  • Benefits: Offers a body buzz, euphoria, relaxation, cerebral stimulation, and sheer enjoyment.
  • Target Audience: Those seeking an innovative twist on traditional cannabis experiences.
  • Comparison to THC: Offers a more grounding, body-focused experience compared to THC gummies.
  • Precautions: Not suitable for those under 21; avoid operating vehicles or machinery.

Ingredients for an Unforgettable Experience

Made with Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Distilled Water, Natural Watermelon Flavor, a Proprietary Mushroom Blend, Natural Colors, and Citric Acid Solution, ensuring a delectable and impactful journey.