THCA CAVIAR Pre Rolls - 2g


THCA Pre-Roll Highlights:

  • 2g THCA CAVIAR pre-roll
  • 100% organic fresh ground buds
  • No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant


THCA Caviars' For Every Occasion

Caviar THC-A Pre Rolls - an exquisite blend of calm and bliss with each inhale! Ideal for those moments when you need to relax after a taxing day or lift your mood for an evening with friends, these pre-rolled delights guarantee a remarkable experience.

American Grown THCA Flower

Made from top-quality hemp grown in the USA and lavishly covered with distillate and kief, these fine caviar pre-rolls pack a potent punch. Each 2g pre-roll is filled with strong THC-A flower, ensuring an extraordinary feeling.

Is THCA Legal?

The legal standing of THCA can vary depending on the region. THCA falls under the jurisdiction of cannabis laws because it transforms into THC when heated.

Some areas enforce more relaxed rules on cannabis, permitting the availability of THCA products. On the other hand, especially in places with newly implemented cannabis legalization, stricter regulations may be in place. It's essential to acquaint yourself with the laws and rules related to THCA and cannabis products where you live.

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