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Your Guide to Ordering Chocolate In Hot Weather

Maintaining Quality of Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates in Warm Weather

Ensuring the integrity of your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates during the summer months is crucial. Follow this detailed guide to keep your chocolates in optimal condition from arrival.


Immediate Steps Upon Chocolate Delivery

  • Immediate Refrigeration: Place your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates into the refrigerator as soon as they arrive. This prevents any melted chocolate from losing its form.
  • Refrigeration Time: For best results, store the chocolates in the fridge for at least one hour; however, three hours is ideal to ensure they solidify correctly.
  • Melting Checks: It's hard to tell if the chocolate has melted while still packaged, but if external temperatures reach 80°F or above, assume the chocolates may be soft.


Why Refrigeration Matters:

  • Break Lines Preservation: Keeping the chocolates chilled helps preserve the essential break lines for consistent and accurate dosing.
  • Uniformity in Dosing: Intact break lines ensure the chocolates can be evenly divided, which is vital for products requiring precise dosing.

Risks of Chocolate Melting and Preventive Measures

Chocolate's sensitivity to heat, with softening occurring between 80 and 85°F and melting temperatures ranging from 86 to 93°F, requires proactive measures. This is especially important since temperatures inside mailboxes and delivery vehicles can often substantially exceed outside temperatures.

Strategic Shipping and Storage:

  • Controlled Shipping Times: Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates leave our shipping department only from Monday to Thursday between April and October to mitigate risks of heat exposure and avoid weekend transit delays.
  • Enhanced Protective Measures: Insulation and ice packs protect the chocolates during their journey.
  • Optimized Pre-Shipping Conditions: We ensure chocolates are stored at a chilled 34°F before shipping to extend their resistance to heat during unexpected shipping delays.

Handling Heat's Impact on Chocolate Potency

  • Sustaining Potency: Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates are crafted to maintain their potency during transit unless exposed to extreme temperature conditions for extended periods.
  • Avoid Freezing: Store your chocolates in a cool, dark place under 70°F. Freezing can create ice crystals that may damage the active ingredients, reducing effectiveness.

Conclusion: Ensuring Optimal Enjoyment

By adhering to these storage and handling guidelines, you can enjoy your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates to the fullest, assured of their safety, effectiveness, and quality.


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