Mini THCA Pre Rolls - Jack Herer


THCA Diamonds Mini Pre-Rolls

Mini Pre-Roll Features:

  • Six Mini Pre-Rolls Pack: Each Jack Herer pre-roll is meticulously encrusted with THCA diamond dust, offering a superior smoking experience.
  • Jack Herer Strain - Sativa: Crafted from high-quality Sativa hemp, these uplifting and energizing pre-rolls are perfect for daytime use.
  • THCA Diamond Dust Coating: Each pre-rolls luxurious diamond dust coating amplifies potency and indulgence.
  • Ideal for Sativa Enthusiasts: Specially designed for those who appreciate Sativa strains' stimulating and invigorating effects.


Displaying an open tin with six Jack Herer mini pre-rolls, each shimmering with THCA diamond dust, highlighting the luxurious and premium smoking experience.

  • THCA Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont

Experience the Mood:

  • Jack Herer was created as part of LITTO Hemp's Diamond Encrusted Sativa Series to offer a lively, energetic ambiance.
  • These pre-rolls are perfect for enhancing creativity and focus or simply enjoying an active day with a touch of luxury.

Flavor Profile:

  • Savor the distinctive, spicy pine flavor of Jack Herer, making every puff a rich and enjoyable experience.
  • The intricate blend of cannabinoids in this strain ensures a consistently flavorful and enticing smoking journey.


Sophisticated tin holding LITTO Hemp's Jack Herer Mini Pre-Rolls, representing the invigorating and uplifting essence of Sativa.

THC-A Blend:

  • Featuring LITTO Hemp's exclusive THC-A Blend, these pre-rolls combine premium cannabinoids and hemp-derived elements for an exhilarating sensation.
  • Users can expect a robust and euphoric feeling heightened by the dynamic effects of THC-A.


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