Dab Cap
Dab CapDab CapDab CapDab CapDab Cap


Dap Capper

Brand: Dab Cap

DabCap V4:

The new and improved version 3 Dab Cap is simple, easy to use, and portable, perfect for any smoking connoisseur! Version 3 features more opening sizes and shapes, so no matter what cartridge or vape pen you use, it will fit in your Dab Cap! Simply attach the Dab Cap to the end of your vape pen and press down into the bowl of your water pipe, creating a seal, then draw through your pipe, easy as that. Ascend to new levels with the Dab Cap! Colors will vary.


This set features our original colors - Classic White, Classic Black, and Classic Rasta. These colors are essential to any collector's stash!


Improved Design: 

Compatible with nearly any vape pen, pod system, or flower vape currently available on the market. Compatible with all bongs: male or female, 10-18mm.

Anti-Static Coating: 

Naturally repels dust, hair, and other particles to stay clean at all times. 


Made from premium, heat-resistant food-grade silicone, the DabCap is damn near indestructible! Safe up to 550*F

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